Archie's Special Sauces

"Archie's Special Sauce"

Great Marinade For Beef, Pork, Chicken Or Seafood. Also In Stir Fry, Soups, Gumbo And Vegetable Dishes.  Use To Baste With Or As A Table Sauce. 







1/2 Gal (64 oz.) or

10 oz. Glass Bottle

"Archie's Special Red Sauce"

Great As A Marinade, Basting Sauce, Cocktail Sauce, and "Award Winning" Barbecue Sauce. Use At The Table As A Steak Sauce, For Dipping Fish, Shrimp, Or Chicken. Add A Little Zest To Your Favorite Soups, Gumbo, Add Olive Oil For A Great Salad Dressings.  Rumored It's Great In Bloody Marys! 




1/2 Gal (64 oz.) or

10 oz. Glass Bottle

"Hot As Farr"







Add A Little Zest With

Just The Right Amount Of Heat And Flavor To Compliment Your Favorite Foods.





50 ml

Have Your Logo On Miniature Hot Sauce Bottle! It's like a great business card they will never forget! Also a wonderful memento for a family reunion, birthday party, company picnic, political gathering or just about any occasion. A case has 24 (50 ml) bottles for only $39.95 plus shipping and handling. Email your logo and contact information for your label. A proof will be emailed for your approval. The professional art department has a one time label design and set up charge of $50.00 which will be included on first order. Because of freight cost, ordering 4 or more cases will yield a lower average cost. Please call or email if have any questions.







 "The Best Sauces By Farr"